Auto MagX Carbine Conversion Package

by Max Gera, creator of the original Auto Mag

$2500-$4500 Buy
Description Price List
This is a self-install assembly and it does NOT require any modifications to your Auto Mag. I will only need your bolt for a few days to headspace the chamber (because I use my own tighter specs). The "Package" consists of the following items:
  1. One complete .44 AMP, 16 1/2" barrel assembly including accelerator and commercial Elliason type rear sights.
  2. One grip lug as shown in the pictures on my post.
  3. One complete stock assembly with steel trap-door butt-plate that holds a spare magazine and/or other items.
  4. One forend iron.
  5. One forend.
  6. One set of matching grips made from the same blank as the stock and forend. I only use air-dry wood at least six years old.
Complete Carbine Package$4,500.00
16-1/2" Barrel Assembly$1,500.00
Barrel Assembly under 13-1/2"$1,400.00
Forend Assembly$750.00
Scope Rings, inc. installation$350.00

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Pocono Summit, PA 18346